Tenor Saxophone Case

White & Gold Tenor Saxophone New in Case Masterpiece

White & Gold Tenor Saxophone New in Case Masterpiece
White & Gold Tenor Saxophone New in Case Masterpiece
White & Gold Tenor Saxophone New in Case Masterpiece

White & Gold Tenor Saxophone New in Case Masterpiece

New White and Gold Tenor Saxophone in Case - Suitable for both Professionals and Students from Age 12. See Saxophones in Other Colors. This beautiful, brand new white and gold saxophone is a full-size, adult instrument. It's suitable for professional use as well as for students from the age of 12 years.

Children can't grow out of it. Why Every Player will Love this Saxophone. Masterpiece brand saxophone, Entertainer Model - bright, shiny and brand new. Sturdy case with carry handle included.

Suitable for all players, including professionals and students from the age of 8 & over. All the features of the Yamaha YAS 280 at about 1/2 of the price.

No hard-to-reach packing materials that need to be removed. No finicky adjustments to make before the saxophone is playable. The saxophone looks so beautiful, it will make your friends envious when they see you with it!

How I Make it Easy for You. I scan, scour and scrutinise the musical marketplace, looking for the best available instruments that I can obtain for you. My ability to weed out the unplayable rubbish is based on my experience of a few decades in the industry. I have been a music teacher.

Since 1980, and have written more than 60 books on how to play musical instruments. More and more school bands are now featuring brightly colored instruments amongst the assembly of traditional colors. Masterpiece saxophones are a welcome addition to school bands, because they are easy to play in tune and attract more children to learning music. What Do they Sound Like?

The Masterpiece range of colored saxophones all sound the same, so I have not recorded individual tracks for each one. The color of the paint does not make any difference to the sound. So a green sax will sound just as good as a gold one. The gold color that many saxes have is not due to gold plating, which would make a difference. It's actually gold colored lacquer.

The recordings below let you hear that this saxophone is not a toy, but a fully professional instrument. Similar to the Yamaha YAS 280, but less than half the Price. This saxophone has the same number of keys as the Yamaha, and other famous brands.

It sounds pretty much the same, and its weight is nearly identical to the Yamaha. I'm a saxophone teacher and I hire and sell my Masterpiece brand saxophones to my students. Occasionally, I need to make a small adjustment, which involves tightening a tiny screw about 10 degrees.

This is a small price to pay for the joy and excitement of playing on a shiny, brightly colored instrument. Admittedly, if my students were playing brand new Yamaha 280 saxophones, it's unlikely that any adjustments would be necessary.

However, there won't be any WOW! Factor, because Yamaha does not make colored saxophones. You can even find cheaper colored saxophones than the ones I sell, but I cannot recommend them because I have no control or faith in the quality. When I first started offering colored saxophones I bought them from several different suppliers. Some suppliers sent me saxophones that were so badly made they were unplayable.

Now that I have found a reliable supplier I still check every saxophone to make sure it is playable. Every Masterpiece saxophone is working perfectly when it leaves me. In 2013, St Peter's Girls School in Adelaide hired a batch of Masterpiece saxophones for two terms and did not report any problems.

The body of this saxophone is made from genuine brass - an alloy of copper and bronze, then painted white. The keys are coated with gold lacquer. The mouthpiece is ABS plastic. NO Packing Materials to Remove. These wedges need to be carefully removed with tweezers before playing.

The wedges are not always easy to spot. If you don't remove every one, you risk bending the keys. I remove all the wedges from every saxophone before I send it out.

During transit from the factory, the last phase of seating of the pads occurs, as the pads become compressed into their proper position Tiny adjustments are often necessary when the saxophone reaches its destination. The adjustments are simple to perform, but if you don't know where to put your screwdriver your saxophone won't play at its best.

I play test all Masterpiece instruments and adjust them for you so that they are ready to play when they reach you. I know a good saxophone when I see one. Since 1980, I have been a professional musician. I have taught hundreds of students i n thousands of lessons.

I have written more than 60 books. Masterpiece instruments are the same instruments that I recommend to my students.

I sit beside them and listen to them play all day long. My warehouse is located in the Adelaide Hills. Don't have the funds right now?

If you can send me a 10% deposit I will hold the instrument for you until you are able to pay it off. This brand has been developed to provide great value instruments for entry level players who are in the early stages of learning. You can reasonably expect several years of trouble-free playing from a Masterpiece instrument. The Art of Saxophone is an easy-to-follow system designed for the absolute beginner.

It teaches you all the things you need to know to play the saxophone. The method consists of a 56 page book and CD set. It contains music from all styles and eras, so there is sure to be something you will really love. Through a sequence of explanations, diagrams, exercises and songs, you will learn how to play the saxophone at your own pace.

It will be helpful if you take lessons from a teacher also, but you can still achieve a lot by yourself. No musical knowledge is necessary.

How to hold the saxophone. Tuning the saxophone to the CD. How to breathe and blow properly. Here's What You Will Get. For 30 days, you will be able to thoroughly test the saxophone, show it to your teacher and get their opinion.

White & Gold Tenor Saxophone New in Case Masterpiece